Safer, faster, easier

Customers say:

  • So much easier!

    "I can actually see what I'm doing using the Nip-a-Nail! It feels so much safer and faster than using regular baby nail clippers." - Krista C., San Diego, CA

  • Game-changer

    "I wasn't sure at first, but this product is a game changer for cutting my kid's nails. Highly recommend." - Brie A., Nashville, TN

  • Love it!

    "My kids are no longer worried about having their nails clipped so they will actually sit still for me now! I can see the clipper blade from top and bottom so I know exactly where to clip. I even use it for myself!" - Tammy R., Portland, OR

Woman Invented │Woman Owned

  • The nip-a-nail was dreamt of, designed, invented and patented by a mom of two!

  • The nip-a-nail was founded in 2022, a small but proud business focused on making little things in life easier.