My son was born in August of 2018, and one thing I hadn't really realized was how long his fingernails would be at birth! I had a variety of jammies with the fold-over sleeves for his hands, as well as mittens. These worked great for a little bit, but they don't fully solve the problem - he needed his tiny nails trimmed! I remember the first time I decided to attempt to clip his fingernails. I had been gifted a few different nail clippers - one with a magnifying glass and one with a light. I still couldn't see exactly what I was doing though, even with the extra bells and whistles. I clipped a few nails just fine, but then on the 4th nail I accidentally cut a tiny bit of his finger instead of his nail! It was horrible! He cried and so did I! I thought, it just shouldn't be this hard and I shouldn't feel like I'm going to injure my sweet baby by doing a necessary grooming task. His tiny fingers, and wanting to protect them from infancy on was what inspired me to start thinking of a better, safer, easier tool to use to clip his nails. 

During the next few months I began developing and drawing out what I thought would be the best tool to cut baby's fingernails. Fast forward to March 2020 - I am pregnant with my second child, a girl this time, and the world is shutting down. It was a very scary time for us, as I had a rare condition in pregnancy which caused me to be forced to deliver my daughter early. After she was released from the NICU, we spent months in isolation. Though that was a difficult time, it gave us the opportunity to be together as a family in a way we otherwise wouldn't have been able to. Another positive about that time was it had given me ample opportunity to develop and hone my idea - a nail nipper with no sharp points that has full visibility from top to bottom. One that has the visibility of cuticle nippers, with the functionality of nail clippers. Something that was sturdy and would be useful from infancy on.

After 3 years of researching and developing my idea, I decided to apply for a US Patent and in April of 2022 my Utility Patent for Baby-safe nail nippers was granted and Nip-a-Nail was officially born!